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By choosing diapers containing fluff (a material made from wood pulp) with an FSC® label, you are helping to protect the world’s forests and fight deforestation. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) strives for responsible forest management worldwide, according to rigorous social, ecological and economic criteria
Çevre dostu %100 natural bebek bezi Moltex Pure & Nature markamız için tasarlamış olduğumuz brand benefit reklam filmimiz yayında. Stratejimize uygun renk konsepti ile tasarlanan reklam filmimizde markamızın özelliklerinin yanında doğal ve minimal tarzını ön plana çıkarmayı hedefledik.
Önlem Botanika ambalaj tasarımlarımız, Önlem ailesinin en yeni üyesi! Tanışmak için market raflarında.
Moltex thinks of your baby as well as nature with its ecological values. For conscious mothers who want the best for their baby as well as the planet…🍃
Vegetables that contain dark green leaves increase lactation via natural means due to their abundance of phytoestrogens.
When you look at their cheerful eyes, all your tiredness passes, you want time to stop💚
With vitamin C, you can strengthen your baby’s immune system and protect them from diseases. For babies under 1 year old who are no longer breastfed, 25 mg of vitamin C is recommended every day”. Which fruits does your little angel love most?
The outer layer contains 15% super soft organic cotton. Moltex suits to your baby’s sensitive skin. The Seal of Cotton and cotton enhanced ™
We can only be sure that recycled waste are re-included in the production process by separating our waste. So, what are the benefits? •Our natural resources are preserved •Amount of waste decreases
•Saves energy •Contributes to the country’s economy
Nature is safe so is my diaper. True to baby’s nature 🌿

Moltex Pure&Nature provides up to 12hrs protection day and night …